Join the conversations to help improve your PC tech fitness

As a basic user of personal computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, you will acknowledge that there’s not much you know about the microchip and software technologies that go into powering your tools and devices. Many of you know there’s software embedded, you hear the term bandied about almost every day of your work and social lives, but you can often forget about the microchip technologies that are empowering you to do the things that allow you to lead successful lives and careers.

Maybe it has something to do with the human condition, but if the microchip is mentioned at all, it is in hushed or abbreviated tones. Especially helpful and pleasing to note for those of you who truly have an interest in the technologies that are empowering your lives, is that there are online resources such as to help promote the advancement of your knowledge imperatives.

The more you know the more secure or satisfied you get to feel, right. It’s also helpful to know that the online resources, the one mentioned above being a good example, are not zones restricted to IT professionals and the so-called tech geeks. It is there for all and sundry. It is there for all stakeholders. You have to count yourselves as one of the many. Apart from reading up on theoretical and technical information on new developments and old tools still being fanatically promoted, you are invited to participate in online discussions and debates on a chosen, selected or suggested topic.

More importantly, perhaps, there is always space for you to field important or troublesome queries to help you understand your apparatus or deal with an issue that is delaying your progress.